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The Best Hotels, Hostels, & Ryokans In Kyoto

An objective list of the best accomodation in Kyoto based on user reviews

A summer sunset along the river in central Kyoto. Image Copyright: @Ollie_Ronin


Good news! This is not a generic blog article with a top ten list, instead of giving you some subjective opinion, full of sponsored content and google ads, this article intends to be something more useful. So what's a good objective measurement for finding the best accomodation in Kyoto? Customer reviews on Google Maps ;)

There is no shortage of accomodation options in Kyoto - hotels, hostels, guesthouses, ryokans, and they all offer something different at different prices.

This list includes all hotel categories and all budgets, the only filter I've personally applied is the exclusion of inconvenient locations, so these places are all located around the central area, close to popular attractions, and within walking distance to train stations. Other attractive areas such as Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari, and the Golden Temple are well worth visiting but they have been excluded from this list because their locations are less convenient compared to the central area, Gion, and the Higashiyama district.

Our listing for each place has a summary including the:

  • Description

  • Review Score

  • Average Price

  • Pro's & Con's

  • Type of Traveller

  • Location

The List

(Sorted by price)

  1. Kyoto Morris Hostel

  2. Piece Hostel Kyoto & Sanjo

  3. Tsukimi Hotel Kyoto

  4. Sakura Cross Hotel

  5. Four Sister Residence

  6. The Celestine