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The Absolute Best 5-Star Luxury Hotels In Tokyo

An expert analysis based on customer reviews

The Mandarin Oriental 5-star Hotel Tokyo
The Mandarin Oriental Hotel


We've analysed thousands of customer reviews on Google Maps to determine a list of the absolute best 5-star luxury hotels in Tokyo.  Luxury hotels come with a high price tag, but time is more valuable than money, the goal of this article is to save you time and help you make the right choice for your upcoming trip. Unlike other websites, this is not a generic article with a top ten list, instead of providing a subjective opinion full of sponsored content and Google Ads, this article gives you measurable data and metrics.

The only filters I've personally applied are:

- a minimum review rating of 4.5 stars

- a minimum of 100 reviews

- a minimum class rating of 5 stars

Our listing for each place has a convenient summary including a:

  • Description

  • Review Score

  • Review Example

  • Price Range

The List

(Sorted by rating & number of reviews)

Honourable Mentions


1. The New Otani - Executive House Zen

The New Otani 5-star Hotel Tokyo

The highest rated 5-star luxury hotel in Tokyo is the Executive House Zen, which is part of the New Otani Hotel. It's an amazing boutique hotel and an incredible property with many unique architectural features, it's particularly famous for its garden and traditional Japanese hospitality.

• Highlights:

An incredible 10-acre Japanese garden with over 400 years of history

A mix of modern luxury with traditional Japanese hospitality

Over 30 restaurants, lounges, and bars

• Price Range: $900 - $2000 per night

• Goodle Maps Review Score: 4.7 ★ (100+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"Our stay at the Executive House Zen was the epitome of first-class service. The hotel was immaculate and the staff was remarkable with every detail. We could not be happier and would recommend this hotel to anyone coming to Tokyo."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on


2. The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

The Ritz-Carlton 5-star Hotel Tokyo

Well-known among the top luxury hotels in the world, the Ritz-Carlton needs little introduction. Imagine indulging in full-service comfort while gazing at panoramic cityscapes, enjoying Michelin-starred food, and exploring a variety of incredible onsen spas. The Ritz-Carlton is famous for good reason.

• Highlights:

Prime location in Tokyo's Midtown, near Roppongi Station and shopping areas

Spacious, modern rooms with views of Mount Fuji on clear days

Incredible Michelin-starred dining, including the famous Azure 45 restaurant

• Price Range: $1100 - $2500 per night

• Review Score: 4.5 ★ (3500+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"I’ve been to many top hotels all over the world, and this is definetly my favorite hotel in Japan. Great location, beautiful restaurants and the most beautiful view of the city"

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on 


3. The Park Hyatt Tokyo

The Park Hyatt 5-star Hotel Tokyo

The Park Hyatt in Tokyo is one of the most famous hotels in Japan thanks to the Hollywood film "Lost in Translation" starring Bill Murry and Scarlet Johanson. Most of the film was shot on location in the hotel and it's easy to see why. The architecture, the views, the attention to detail, everything comes together to create a unique and memorable experience.

• Highlights:

  Located in the lively Shinjuku district, a 10 min walk from Shinjuku Station

  Elegant rooms with luxurious amenities and expansive city views

  Famous for the New York Bar & Grill, featured prominently in "Lost in Translation"

• Price Range: $1100 - $2500 per night

• Review Score: 4.5 ★ (4200+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"My favorite hotel in the world. Everything is so exceptional that it cannot be described without staying. Even a visit just to enjoy one of the restaurants will give you a sense of how amazing this place is. The view is something on par with the Grand Canyon, you could stare at the city for hours."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on


4. The Imperial Hotel Tokyo

The Imperial Hotel 5-star Luxury Tokyo

The Imperial Hotel in Tokyo is the oldest and most reviewed 5-star hotel in Tokyo, and by a large margin. It has over 10,000 reviews, was originally founded 130 years ago, and has constantly adapted to keep up with the ever-evolving standards of its customers.

• Highlights:

  Over 100 years of history with a prime location near the Ginza shopping district

  10 diverse on-site restaurants and 3 bars, plus Japanese tea ceremonies

  1st Place for 12 consecutive years (2008-2020) on the Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index

• Price Range: $600 - $4000 per night

• Review Score: 4.5 ★ (10,000+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"Great location just off Ginza, perfect for shopping. An old school Japanese hotel originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Some of the original interior design is incorporated into the new structure, like the Old Imperial Bar."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on



5. The Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental 5-star Hotel Tokyo

This is high-rise luxury at its finest, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel soars above the city in the iconic Mitsui Skyscraper. This hotel offers breathtaking panoramic views which are complemented by its world-famous spa featuring one-way windows that showcase the entire city.

• Highlights:

  3 Michelin-starred restaurants

  An award-winning spa occupying the entire 37th floor

  Incredible architecture and stunning facilities

• Price Range: $800 - $2700 per night

• Review Score: 4.5 ★ (3500+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"OMG! One of the finest hotel experiences we've ever had! We’ve been to 43 countries in our extensive travels. Yes, it’s expensive, but completely worth it! It’s a 6 Star experience. So amazing in every possible way."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on


6. The Conrad

The Conrad 5-star Hotel Tokyo

The Conrad Hotel, which is owned and operated by the Hilton, is a stunning example of modern luxury. Located in the heart of the Ginza shopping district, this sleek hotel boasts panoramic views including Tokyo Bay, the amazing city skyline, and Mt. Fuji.

• Highlights:

  25-meter pool with skyline vistas and the Mizuki Spa

  Michelin-starred dining, featuring Asian and French cuisine

  Located in the Shiodome skyscraper, next to the ancient Hamarikyu Gardens

• Price Range: $500 - $4000 per night

• Review Score: 4.5 ★ (3000+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"The rooms are amazing with every comfort you can dream of, plus plenty of extra space to relax. The beds were so comfortable, the fabrics were dreamy, and the bathrooms are a marble paradise. The quality of the restaurants and the breakfast buffet are amazing. Truly a wonderful hotel experience."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on


7. The Shangri-La

The Shangri-La 5-star Hotel Tokyo

Located next to Tokyo Station, the Forbes-listed Shangri-La Hotel is a luxurious experience offering easy access to the Imperial Palace and the Ginza shopping area. Known for its high-end Asian hospitality, the hotel features incredible rooms, an amazing indoor swimming pool, and the award-winning CHI spa.

• Highlights:

  Prime location 1-minute walk from Tokyo Station

  Renowned for excellent service and Asian hospitality

  Luxurious amenities including the award-winning CHI spa

• Price Range: $800 - $2700 per night

• Review Score: 4.5 ★ (2500+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"The Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo embodies pure luxury. Its stunning views and flawless service redefine sophistication. The rooms are elegant, offering breathtaking city panoramas, while Piacere and Nadaman restaurants serve up exquisite dining experiences. The staff's warmth and attention to detail is exceptional, the Shangri-La always sets the bar for luxury."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on


8. The Andaz Hotel

The Andaz Toranomon Hills 5-star Hotel Tokyo

The Andaz in Toranomon Hills is a luxury lifestyle hotel nestled in the heart of Tokyo, offering a blend of modern sophistication and traditional Japanese culture. Owned and operated by the Hyatt, the Andaz offers a unique and truly incredible experience.

• Highlights:

  Stunning floor-to-ceiling windows

  Unbelievable views from the rooftop bar and world-class restaurants

  Unique location overlooking Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Gardens

• Price Range: $750 - $2700 per night

• Review Score: 4.5 ★ (1800+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"One of my absolute favorite hotels in Asia. The view is insane. The service is outstanding. The amenities are superb. The food is exquisite. The drinks are great. The staff are super friendly and always there to help. We stayed there for 10 days and never wanted to leave"

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on


9. The Prince Gallery

The Prince Gallery 5-star Hotel Tokyo

If you love art and architecture, you will fall in love with this hotel. The Prince Gallery feels like an upscale art gallery combined with an incredible hotel. A wide variety of impressive art pieces are carefully installed throughout the building. One of the main themes here is "levitation" with the intention to elevate your mind, soul, and experience of Tokyo.

• Highlights:

  More than 100 art installations are found throughout the hotel

  The Kioi Spa with Swiss-inspired treatments

  An infinity pool blending the water into the Tokyo skyline

• Price Range: $650 - $2000 per night

• Review Score: 4.5 ★ (1400+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"Truly some of the most magical rooms in any hotel in the world. Stunning views of the night skyline from the bed, bath, and shower. In the morning we gasped to realize we had beautiful views of Mt Fuji. Excellent breakfast and concierge services too. One of the top experiences I’ve had at a hotel anywhere in the world. Unforgettable."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on


10. The Mesm Autograph Collection

The Mesm Autograph 5-star Hotel Tokyo

The Mesm Tokyo Autograph Collection is a contemporary and innovative lifestyle hotel designed for those seeking a slightly different experience. The name mesm comes from the word mesmerize, and the hotel promises to enchant guests with sights, sounds, music, and art.

• Highlights:

  Right on the waterfront, offering a peaceful balance with the bustle of Tokyo

  Offers a private cruise through the Sumida River right from the hotel

  The "Chef's Theatre" restaurant offers an engaging open-kitchen experience

• Price Range: $1500 - $5000 per night

• Review Score: 4.5 ★ (700+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"This is the one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at. Beyond expectations. The room was very unique with a digital piano, a retro phone, and plenty of lovely surprises. Live music performance every night. It felt like a luxury condominium."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on


Honourable Mentions

These two hotels make this list due to their highly sought-after popularity.

They do fall below our minimum average review requirement of 4.5 stars, but they certainly make up for it.


1. The Cerulean Tower Hotel

The Cerulean Tower Tokyu 5-star Hotel Tokyo

The Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel is the most searched for luxury hotel in Toyko - it receives more searches on Google than any other hotel in Japan. Its location is perfect, the Cerulean Tower is an icon of Shibuya that soars above the busy streets with panoramic views that stretch on forever. Every room feels like a private haven, bathed in natural light and framed by those breathtaking cityscapes.

• Highlights:

  In the heart of Shibuya, with views of the famous Shibuya crossing

  A direct shuttle bus to the airport

  Easy access to all the attractions in Tokyo

• Price Range: $600 - $900 per night

• Review Score: 4.2 ★ (4000+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"Unbeatable location steps away from Shibuya Station, easily taking you to every Tokyo attraction. You can see shibuya crossing from the room and the views are unreal. Service is excellent. Can't recommend this hotel enough for your visit to Tokyo. One bonus is a direct airport shuttle from the hotel."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on


2. The Hilton

The Hilton 5-star Hotel Tokyo

The Hilton Tokyo is perfectly placed next to Shinjuku Station and comes in at 2nd place for the most searched luxury hotel on Google. Stepping into this iconic hotel is like entering a grand stage for the city's vibrant energy. It's the perfect base for the lively attractions of Tokyo and the entertainment district of Shinjuku, while offering a haven of sophisticated comfort that Hilton properties are known for.

• Highlights:

  Perfect for nightlife in the heart of Shinjuku

  A rooftop tennis court

  Easy access to all the attractions in Tokyo

• Price Range: $1000 - $1300 per night

• Review Score: 4.2 ★ (7500+ reviews)

• Review Quote:

"The perfect Hilton experience. Clean, neat, great service, great location. Honestly can’t complain about anything, definitely one of the best five star locations I’ve been too. The amenities are also great, with a rooftop restaurant as well as a lounge."

Rooms can sell out fast, you'll find the best prices on



So that's it! The best luxury hotels in Tokyo based on Google reviews. I haven't tried them all, but my personal favourite would have to be the Andaz - the architecture, the rooms, the spa, and all the amenities are incredible. The Prince Gallery is also high on my list as I love art and carefully designed architecture. Either way, all the hotels listed here offer something unique and are filled with glowing reviews, truly the highest rated 5-star hotels in Tokyo.

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