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The Best Podcast Interviews For Hiking, Climbing, & Road Trips

A collection of the best interviews and stories for your next adventure


Getting to a hiking or climbing destination often requires hours of travel involving trains, buses, and driving. Travelling like this can be quite stressful and unpleasant, however, a good podcast can turn a 4-hour drive into an inspiring interview filled with stories, insights, and unique perspectives. It's even a therapeutic remedy to being stuck in traffic after spending days up in the mountains.

Confronted with this situation myself, I started searching for podcasts interviews covering the topic of outdoor adventures, some of them are absolutely amazing, while others can be a little boring or uninteresting. Interestingly, nearly everything on this list is from Joe Rogan. I know there are quite a few dedicated hiking podcasts around, but there seems to be a lack of truly interesting guests on these other channels, and that's where Joe kept shining through, by finding super interesting and accomplished adventurers. So, here's a collection of the best adventure podcasts to motivate your next trip!

The List


1. Lex Fridman # 369 - Paul Rosolie

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This episode with Paul Rosolie is incredible. Paul's dream from a young age was to immerse himself in the jungle and discover the deepest corners of the rainforest. Paul talks about his work with uncontacted tribes, his expeditions to study anacondas, survival stories, and his use of ayahuasca. He also discusses his views on conservation and the importance of protecting the Amazon.

Key highlights:

  • Paul's amazing stories of survival in the Amazon.

  • Uncontacted tribes still exist in the Amazon, and they are vulnerable to exploitation and violence.

  • Paul's incredible experiences searching for the largest Anacondas.

  • Insights into the traditional use of ayahuasca.

  • Turning gold miners and lumberjacks into protectors of the Amazon.


2. Joe Rogan # 1410 - Ash Dykes

Ash Dykes is a Welsh adventurer and extreme athlete, he talks about his ambitious world-record hiking trips, which include trekking across Mongolia, Madagascar, and the course of the Yangtze River. He shares some amazing stories and offers advice for anyone seeking out adventure.

Key highlights:

  • Ash talks about the importance of preparation and training for his expeditions.

  • He discusses the dangers he faced on his journeys, including encounters with wild animals and hostile locals.

  • He shares his thoughts on the importance of mental toughness and resilience.


3. Joe Rogan # 1395 - Glenn Villeneuve

This interview with Glenn Villeneuve is absolutely fascinating. Glenn dropped out of school early to pursue a self-studying life dedicated to wilderness and nature. He eventually found an isolated lake in Alaska and built a small cabin where he lived for 18 years, often not seeing a single human for over 6 months. His goal was to optimise self-sufficient living, utilising only his rifle and basic supplies to live independently from modern convenience. He's well-spoken and has some amazing stories involving wolves and grizzly bears. He was also featured on a TV series called 'Life Below Zero'.

Key Highlights

  • Glenn talks about how he became a self-taught hunter and outdoor expert.

  • He discusses his work with National Geographic for their TV series 'Life Below Zero'.

  • Glenn shares some of his incredible experiences competing with wolves and bears for caribou and moose.

  • He also talks about what it's like to eat only meat and fat for months at a time, and close calls with starvation.


4. Joe Rogan # 1240 - Forrest Galante

Forrest Gallant is an interesting conservationist who grew up in Africa before moving to the U.S. He's a wildlife biologist who has a strong focus on rare species and searching for the least explored places on Earth. He's involved with a number of projects including the hunt to find scientific evidence of the Tasmanian tiger.

Key highlights:

  • Forrest talks about his upbringing in Africa and the contrast with the U.S.

  • He discusses extinct species and new discoveries made in recent years.

  • He talks about ancient tribes still alive today and his experiences in working with them.


5. Joe Rogan # 1955 - Cliff Grey

Cliff Gray is a former financial trader who turned his back on the corporate world and became a wilderness expert, hunting guide, and YouTuber. He shares some of his stories about hunting in the wilderness and his views on conservation and the environment. He's a super chill and friendly guy who absolutely loves nature, even if you don't like hunting, he provides an interesting insight into the benefits of sustainable hunting and the unique lessons he's learned from these experiences.

Key Highlights

  • Cliff talks about his upbringing in rural Montana and how he developed a love for the outdoors at a young age.

  • He discusses his work as a hunting guide and how he helps people experience the thrill of the hunt while also ensuring that animals are treated humanely.

  • Gray shares his thoughts on conservation and the importance of protecting wild spaces.

  • He also talks about his YouTube channel and how he uses it to share his passion for the outdoors with others.


6. Joe Rogan # 939 - Chris Cage

Chris Cage is a seasoned thru-hiker and the founder of Greenbelly Meals, a backpacking food company. Chris is also known for his book 'How to Hike the Appalachian Trail', in this episode he shares his experience, insights, and stories about months and months of thru-hiking.

Key Highlights

  • Chris dives deep into his epic thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, sharing fascinating insights about planning, challenges, and unexpected moments of magic on the long-distance trek.

  • Chris talks about why he started his backpacking food company Greenbelly Meals, and shares his philosophy for creating delicious, nutritious meals for the outdoors.

  • Chris shares his stories about encountering grizzly bears and strange people.


7. Joe Rogan # 1832 - Charlie Walker

Saving one of the best till last, Charlie Walker is a British adventurer who specialises in long-distance human-powered expeditions often involving huge bicycle treks, canoes, or walking. He has a list of accomplishments, but one of his most interesting stories involves being thrown in a Russian prison during the invasion of Ukraine. Charlie chats with Joe a few weeks after being released which makes for a fascinating conversation.

Key Highlights

  • Charlie talks about his expeditions in Tibet and Mongolia.

  • He discusses the struggles with huge cycling treks and crossing borders with different countries.

  • Finally, he goes into detail about his ordeal in Russia, from being arrested during his trek to being thrown in prison and then suddenly being released.

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