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Our Guided Hiking Tours

All of the hikes you see on our website can be offered as guided hiking tours. These can be fully customised depending on your preferences. Our guides are highly experienced and passionate about the mountains and Japan. Some examples of popular hiking tours we can offer include:

Our Most Popular Hiking Trips

Bookings & Enquiries

The average daily rate starts at $600 USD.

The cost for our hiking tours depends on a variety of factors, such as the:

- Number of people

- Number of days

- Location (travel logistics)

The cost to stay at mountain huts is separate to the guiding fee:

¥10,000:      Bed without meals

¥14,000:      Bed with dinner and breakfast

¥2000:         Tent without meals

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Guided Hiking Trips

​Note: make sure your travel insurance covers hiking up to 3200 meters.

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